About the Course

Enter the era of multicopter (a.k.a. drone) - its amazing manoeuvrability and the ease to fly in constricted locations has opened itself to numerous areas of applications such as aerial photography/videography, inspection, security surveillance, search and rescue operations and many others. This course introduces you to the working principles, safe and responsible operation of a multicopter. You will understand various vital parts of a multicopter and how they work together to maintain stability and control the flight seamlessly. You will have opportunity to acquire basic piloting skills in the course, gain insight into some real-life applications of the multicopters, and further you interest and aspiration in the future with this wonderful invention!
  • Target Participants

    Managers, engineers, supervisors, technicians and IT support professionals seeking to deepen or broaden their skills.
  • Certification

    Certificate of Completion
  • Admission Requirements

    *No prerequisites required.
  • Course schedule (conducting days & time)

    0900hrs to 1700hrs
  • What You'll Study

  • Course Fees and Funding

    * Full-time Diploma Graduate from Class of 2021, 2020 and graudates who complete their National Service in 2021, 2020 can sign up for two free short courses offered by NYP.
  • Contact for course enquiries

    Mr TOH KIAN JOO,, Tel No:65500884
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